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This is a small selection to showcase the range of projects we have completed. No project is too large or too small. Our satisfied customers include:


Ark Data Centres

We were commissioned by Ark Data Centres to develop a treatment system to condition water to the high standards required for introducing into the cooling system of their data rooms.

Greyfriars Underpass, Salisbury

As part of our contract with Wiltshire Council we were tasked with renewing the pipework and valves in an underpass pump station.

As if it’s not difficult enough to work in a confined space, unfortunately these are one of the many challenges we face whilst working in pump chambers.

Wirral Park Pumping Station, Mendip District Council


We were employed by Mendip District Council to replace a set of 12” Non-Return and Sluice valves to a strategic dewatering pump set. The valves we removed weighed in at over 2 tonnes.

CentreParcs, Longleat

We replaced a 300mm, 22kW pump rated at 600,000 litres/hour. The pump is one of 4 units feeding the ‘lazy river’, they’re sited in a sump with no permanent lifting gantry. The pump was installed out of hours and the room temperature was in the high 30’s!


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